Thursday, June 6, 2013


I have achieved, I have worked hard, and I have earned. Accomplishing things throughout my life feels great, even if it is something small, it leaves a big exciting and happy feeling, that I have completed a task and I feel accomplished. I have accomplished going to school everyday and learning something new, I have accomplished finding my group of friends that I belong with and feel comfortable around, I have accomplished leaving those who bring me down, and staying with those who are supportive and kind. I have accomplished strengthening self control in different situations. I also accomplished going to Israel for a whole month, hiking every single morning, I can say that I have accomplished hiking up Masada Mt. , hiking across the whole country of Israel in just three whole days, and have accomplished learning more about my religion and where my family came from, and who we are. I can say that as a fifteen year old girl, I have accomplished these things, and I feel happy and proud. I have more goals and more accomplishments down the road waiting to be completed, but one step at a time, right?

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