Thursday, June 6, 2013


In class we have been exposed to a variety of collections of literature, videos and movies, novels, and we have had class discussions, and really went in depth with these pieces. But no matter how many books one has read, or how many movies one has watched, there is always that one that sticks in your mind. The one that you will always remember. For me, the one that stuck out the most was "Emanuels Gift." An inspiring documentary about a boy named Emanuel, he is from Ghana, West Africa and in that area if you are disabled you are most likely disowned, poisoned, or left out to die. But Emanuel had a better idea, and that idea was to change how others thought of the disabled, and to treat them with the same love and care as everyone else. He had a deformed right leg, so he was left with only one good working left leg. He started showing his pride in disabled people by biking  over 600 kilometers. He changed thousands of lives, by showing that disabilities don't make you weaker, they make you stronger. This really inspires me because everyday you and I complain about the little things in our lives about how much homework we have, tests, projects, not getting enough sleep, and the list can go on. But this man with only one leg, rode 600 kilometers (or 372 miles) on bike to stand up to his people and to others who have been mocked, disowned, and treated with disrespect because they have a disability. There are others out there who have bigger things to worry about other than how much homework they have, or that there smart phones are being very smart that day, they have things like not being able to walk, trying to find a home, living and begging on the streets. This movie has taught me to be grateful for all the wonderful things I have been given, and to look up to those that fight for what they want and need in life. And for Emanuel, that was to prove others wrong, and to show that no matter what condition you are in, you can do whatever you want, as long as you strive and work for it. Just think, a poor man in a poor city, with one leg, and he made it to the top. Stop and think before you start complaining again.

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