Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Alchemist

As Santiago makes his journey to find the buried treasure, he experiences life through different eyes, by meeting new people, seeing new places, and being in a different environment. By meeting new people he was taught different ideas, and saw different perspectives on life situations. Outside of his parent's preachings to be a priest, and there small little town, there was more to be seen. Santiago is a shepherd and he chose this job so that he could travel and explore the world. He wanted to see different sites, and different people. He was tired of seeing the same thing every morning he woke up. He wanted something new.   I can connect to Santiago, because adventure is what makes life fun, just sitting in one place is boring and redundant , and personally I can't stand it. Even at school, I try to take gym classes, and dance, to get my body moving, I just honestly can't sit from chair to chair for seven hours, it gets to be too much. At home, I'll go on bike rides, and going around my neighborhood gets to be boring as well, because each circle has the same sites, nothing new. So finding a new path makes the ride more adventurous and amusing. Little things like this make life more fun, and living life to the fullest is something I want to do as much as I can. 

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